Listen to Dillon Carmichael’s New EP “I Do For You”

Nearly a year after his first full length album, Dillon Carmichael is giving his fans something to hold them over until the next 12 plus song album.

His latest EP I Do For You gives us 5 pure country songs. Starting with the title track, “I Do For You” lists all the things a man would never in his life imagine doing, yet somehow has no trouble doing them for his woman.

This project has a more upbeat, fun feel to it than some of Carmichael’s other songs. He takes the listener deep into the swamp with “Hung Up On You.” From the opening lines you can hear the frogs, crickets chirping, the birds singing. It feels like you were dropped onto a riverbank, and never mind the lyrics. Dillon perfectly paints a story starting with heartbreak and regret turning to triumph and vindication by the end. 

Just as easily, Carmichael can jump to the sentimental, romantic song with “It’s Your Fault.” It’s a love song that only men like Carmichael can sing, but one that is relatable to so many. The guy used to be able to blame the cigarettes or the alcohol or the local cover band for all his long, late nights, but these days the blame falls to his significant other.

The song “99 Problems (Fish Ain’t One)” is a grizzly rock song, cussing the hardships of life, truck won’t start, girl’s run off, but hey at least you have a fish on the end of your line. It’s everything that country music is stereotyped for and it’s glorious.

The album ends with “Feel That Way Again” a pure nostalgia song, about some of the best times of our life, and trying to capture that feeling again. From driving that first car you saved up for to learning life lessons from a grandparent, there are moments in time that you wish you could just bottle up.

The fact is each of these songs deserves to be on country radio and would do really well on there. Here’s to hoping this EP starts to give Carmichael the credit he deserves.