Artist You Need to Know: Jenna Paulette

A few years ago, a girl by the name of Maren Morris came out of nowhere to become a household. Well folks, I think we’re close to a similar moment happening soon. Meet fellow Texan, Jenna Paulette.

Growing up outside of Dallas on her family’s ranch, Jenna Paulette was immersed in the authentic country lifestyle. She learned what hard work was a valuable trait as her grandfather and uncles didn’t treat her any different because she was a girl. They gave her the tough, gritty, and dirty jobs which she embraced.

As she got older she truly figured out how valuable growing up country was. Sure, she enjoyed country music as it was what she listened to while working on the ranch, but the value of hard work would have a lasting impact on her as she set out to make a career for herself.

Rather than heading directly to Nashville to pursue her music career, she drew inspiration from Kenny Chesney and went to college for communications. Like Chesney who wanted the marketing background for his career, Paulette anticipated it would be a valuable skill set while trying to build a music career from the ground up.

Fast forward past college graduation and here we are in 2019 with her debut EP Modern Cowgirl: Volume 1. Talk about a boss of an EP title which couldn’t be more appropriate to describe her and her music.

She makes country cool. 

She’s country through and through as once you hear her voice you can picture her playing in an off the beaten path dancehall or a dive bar in a small Texas town. She adds a small hint of a pop sound to it that gives her the modern cowgirl sound that fits her perfect.

“Wild Like The West” has her being unapologetic as to who she is, especially for her wild side; something cowboys and cowgirls can appreciate. “F-150” is her most popular song on Spotify with over 150k streams. It’s also the song that might be the most modern on her recent project, but it’s the type of song that would absolutely kill at country radio.

Then there’s “Blue Jeans” where she takes a simple object and turns it into a vulnerable, emotional song about missing that ex that you have no problem admitting you truly miss.

While all phenomenal songs that show you who Paulette is as an artist and vocalist, nothing compares to her most recent release “Midnight Cowboy.”

The song tells the story about a couple who are on different schedules, detailing what life is like when one person in a relationship is living life on the road. It’s relatable, whether the person is driving truck across the country, working on a construction site hours away, or on a music tour criss-crossing the country one state at a time. The production on the song is catchy which grabs your attention initially, but it’s Texan’s authentic and perfect pitch that pulls you in and makes the song memorable.

The quality of songs and Paulette’s vocals make her someone we’re going to be paying close attention in the coming years. We have a feeling it won’t be long until she’s that household name in country music.