New Music This Week

Blake Shelton – “Jesus Got A Tight Grip”
A classic Blake Shelton song.

Cole Swindell – “No One Rocks Mine”
The 5th song from his latest Down Home Sessions hits every note.

Logan Mize – “I Ain’t Gotta Grow Up”
A catchy jam about living life to the fullest.

Chris Janson – “Hawaii on Me” 
One of our favorite songs from his new album Real Friends.

Maddie & Tae with Dierks Bentley – “Lay Here With Me”
This is the collaboration we never knew we needed, but glad we got.

Temecula Road – “Maybe Not”
Everything this rising country group puts out is a must add to your playlist.

Thomas Finchum – “If You See Me Drinking”
The standout track from the country newcomer’s debut EP.

Willie Jones – “Whole Lotta Love”
He slows things down in this song about declaring how much he loves his girl.

Sean Stemaly – “Last Night All Day” 
He replays in his head the amazing night he just had with his girl.

Addairs Run – “Set Me Up”
The duo’s new song has them thanking a girl’s previous boyfriends for setting them up well.

Clare Dunn – “Gold To Glitter”
Clare reaches for the high octave in her new one.

Jaden Michaels – “Clothes on the Lawn”
A cross between Taylor’s “Picture to Burn” and Carrie’s “Before He Cheats.”

Hunter Phelps – “Take Me to Heaven”
He falls hard and fast while taking each cue from the girl.

Royale Lynn – “Howdy”
A lyrically clever song about sparks flying from the moment of introductions.

Kylie Frey – “One Night in Tulsa”
The vocals on this one are arguably the best vocals you’ll hear all week.

Christina Taylor and Brett Kissel – “As Good as You Look”
A fun duet about realizing that someone out of your league is actually interested in you.

Dillon Carmichael – “Hung Up On You” 
The “can’t get over you” song is one of our favorites from his new EP.

Caroline Jones – “Chasin’ Me” 
Her current single and standout song from her new EP.

Emily Weisband – “Mixed Emotions” 
One of many catchy songs that grab your attention from her new EP.