Throwback Jam: Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

It’s the song that would become Garth Brooks first of many #1s. It’s also the song that led to Garth making music his full time job by landing a record deal.

In the late 1980s Garth was living in Nashville making a living by working in a boot store and singing demos on the side. Singing demos was a pretty good gig for him but he wanted more…as every demo singer does.

Garth ended up getting connected with songwriter Kent Blazy who had Garth come in to sing demos. He learned that Garth had written some of his own songs and was intrigued. Garth had one song in mind that had already been rejected by over 20 other songwriters, but he was passionate about it and believed in the song.

He played the song for Blazy and he was immediately hooked with the concept. The original version of Garth’s song killed off the main character right away so they made some edits and worked on it until they felt it was in a good spot. They both loved the song and set out to get it recorded by a well-known country artist.

But nothing happened for a year.

Frustrated, they set a date to sit down and re-write it in hopes of making it more appealing for artists. However, a few days before that co-write session, Brooks was asked to fill in for someone at The Bluebird Cafe. He was only allowed to play one song so he played “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” Little did he know someone from Capitol Records was in the audience and after previously passing on Garth and the song, wised up and invited Garth back to the office.

Brooks would sign the record deal and the rest is history as they say.

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” would end up reaching the top of the charts in December of 1989.