Blanco McGraw

Sometimes it’s so sweet to be proven wrong. When Blanco Brown released “The Git Up” this past spring, it quickly took over not just the country music world, but the entire country. It has over 50 millions streams on Spotify alone. But those country music die-hards groaned, upset at this guy essentially came out of nowhere and was finding success with a song that most wouldn’t classify as country.

Lo and behold, Blanco Brown wouldn’t have even been in the music business had it not been for Tim McGraw’s 1994 hit “Don’t Take The Girl.” Blanco fell in love with the storytelling that is so prevalent in country music. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when McGraw and Brown crossed paths down in Australia. McGraw had read about Blanco’s love for his hit song and invited Blanco on a duet.

Blanco Brown can sing and he sang the lights out of “Don’t Take The Girl.” What’s better yet is McGraw is cheering him on like a proud papa, encouraging the young, fresh talent. It’s an amazing moment and it makes us excited to see what stories Blanco has in store.