Jason Benoit Raises The Bar With His New EP “Revolution, Pt. 1”

Rising Canadian country star Jason Benoit dropped his new EP Revolution, Pt. 1 and it’s everything that his fans could ask for. With every song on the EP he makes you think and he makes you feel, something every country song should do.

Jason tells Raised On It that the EP title is no accident. “This EP reflects a revolution of me as an artist as well as as the new direction that I’m headed in life in general.”

To say the last few years have been a whirlwind for Benoit would be an understatement. His top hit “Gone Long Gone” not only reached Top 10 but was certified Gold. Combine that with some big time streaming numbers of his music in the millions, he’s looking to keep the momentum going on his new project Revolution, Pt. 1.

Seven songs on an EP is the perfect number as each song is given the opportunity to stand out on its own with strong, valuable subject matter. When asked about the difficulty of narrowing down the songs for Revolution, Pt. 1 Benoit shared both sides of it saying:

“It’s difficult in the sense that you have to pick songs that you feel will resonate with everyone and at the same time connect with you as an artist but then it’s definitely not difficult to pick songs you love; that’s probably the easiest part. I grew up loving the songs I did from the first listen, and we used that same routine when picking the songs for this album. The heart wants what the heart wants.”

He kicks off the album with “I Won’t Go,” a driving tempo song with a strong sound of the fiddle in the chorus that comes across as authentically him. “Forget to Forget” has him singing about the difficulty of moving on after a relationship — you can never get them out of your head.

“Saturdays for the Girls” is a song title that will grab your attention. Benoit shares with us that it was an easy choice to add it to the EP.

“One of the first songs Nashville’s JT Harding sent me was “Forget to Forget” which I loved and added to the album.. so we asked for him to send us some more songs. He then sent “Saturday’s for the Girls” and it was one of those songs that on first listen was an instant favorite and an easy addition to the EP.”

“Two Wrongs” is a fun play on words to describe how opposites attract and can bring out the best in each other. He then makes his own spin on Conway Twitty’s “Slow Hand” with the help of Leah Daniels. Adding her to the song makes it standout on the EP.

“I cut my teeth on classic country and Conway Twitty’s version of slow hand was always a favorite of mine. I began singing it in my show and people seemed to enjoy it so my label thought it would be a good idea to cut it. Enter Leah Daniels.


I’ve known her for some time and always knew I wanted to work with her on a track someday. We reached out to her and we were thrilled that she was able to join me on the duet. She definitely adds a new cool new dimension to this song and I’m so happy she could join me on this track.”

The last song on the EP is “When We Know” a ballad about being the “other guy” that is truly meant for her, she just doesn’t realize it.

But the song on the entire project that means the most to Jason Benoit is “Endless Love.” First listen and it’s clear that it’s a song that’s near and dear to him as he details the moment of meeting his wife and the moments since then. Quite frankly, this has major potential to be a first dance song at weddings. The most interesting part is that he’s had this song in his back pocket, perfecting it for year.

I wrote “Endless Love” when I was 22 years old and just after I met my wife, 13 years ago. After I did a slight change of the arrangement, we felt it was the perfect song for the album. Hopefully it can make memories for another young couple like it did for me and my wife.

There’s a song for everyone on Revolution, Pt. 1 as Benoit has raised the bar for himself once again. Make sure you listen to the full EP and let us know if you’re in agreement that it’s his best work to date.