Artist You Need to Know: Troy Cartwright

“Songs always made sense to me, sometimes more sense than real life, and no matter where I’ve gone, there have always been songs.”

That phrase is one of the first things that greets you on Troy Cartwright’s artist webpage and when you listen to his music it makes all the sense in the world.

For Troy, music didn’t really begin until his 12th birthday when he received a guitar from his parents. That would set off a chain of events which led to him writing his own original songs as a teenager and eventually leaving his hometown in Texas to head east to attend the well-known Berklee College of Muisc.

After graduating college he went back to Texas where he made his first EP which turned into him touring around the state and getting gigs elsewhere, eventually catching the eye of WME talent agency in Nashville. Cartwright moved to Nashville shortly after and has been writing songs, playing writers rounds, and live shows wherever he can.

When you listen to Troy Cartwright there are two artists that come to mind: Devin Dawson and Eli Young Band.

Songs such as “Never Coming Back” and “Love Like We Used To” showcase his vocal range and his willingness to push the limits production-wise as to how a song sounds in a similar way that Devin Dawson makes his music.

Just as effortlessly as he can do that, he reminds you of his Texas roots. “Busted,” “Somebody Else’s Problem” and “My Girl” are a few examples of his twangy country roots come to life. They’re the type of songs that you’d expect to hear in a dive bar in the middle of Texas.

While these songs are great, the thing that really stands out is that he gets better with every new song he puts out. Case in point? One of his latest releases with “Hung Up on You.”

The mid-tempo song carefully tows the line between his Texas roots while adding some of those atypical country sounds to make it sound with the times. Truthfully, it’s the type of song that if released to radio could be a song that comes out of nowhere to crack the Top 20.

He has since followed up that great song with a nostalgic song about falling in love with a girl over a beer. “My First Beer” has him looking back at those first sparks and moments that caught his eye. It’s a great piece of songwriting and you truly get the sense that the song is important to Cartwright.