Stephanie Quayle’s New EP is the Soundtrack for Modern Cowgirl

Stephanie Quayle’s latest EP is appropriately titled If I Was a Cowboy. With five songs on the EP, she’s able to effectively carry out the western theme throughout each song which makes this project a pretty cool one to listen to.

She kicks things off with an up-tempo jam with “If I Was a Cowboy.” She sings about how much easier it would be if she could move on from a bad breakup. “Evel Knievel” grabs your attention from the song title alone and it lives up to the intrigue. It serves as an inspirational “follow-your-dreams” type of song. She sings the hell out of it.

You’re then transported to a small saloon during “Watcha Drinkin ‘Bout” as she sings from the perspective of spotting that cute boy across the bar she needs to talk to who’s clearly had a rough day.

The song with the most cleverly crafted lyrics is “Second Rodeo” as she sings about getting back on the horse after getting kicked off. “There’s gonna be clowns, that pick you off the ground, gonna keep you smiling for awhile until they hit the next town” is so hilarious but so relatable to many.” 

Quayle concludes the EP with “Untitled.” Open to many types of meanings and interpretations, the song has her singing about not putting herself in a box — no label for her.