Robert Counts Releases Debut EP

This past weekend, new country singer Robert Counts released his self-titled debut album.

Growing up just down the road from Nashville in Franklin, Robert Counts got his musical start at church where there was a full band that featured different Christian artists that made music their career. After winning a songwriting competition after college, he realized that music was what he was meant to do.

This five song EP from Counts showcases his ability to write a song and then sing the heck out of it as well.

“Someone in My Someday” has him singing about the future he’s imagined for himself during a catchy chorus that one can imagine is great to hear live. Then there’s “Backseat Driver” which is sung from the perspective of a father who has taught his son everything as he sets out on his own. A good chance it pulls at your heartstrings.

“Dress Up” might be the best song on the EP as he sings about how a girl wants to dress up and impress, but the guy loves her even without her dressing up. He then gives the world advice in “Better People” and how boastful speeches and fancy materials won’t make the world better…only people can.

He then wraps up the EP with a country spin on Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” Once you listen to it you’ll totally get it and wonder why it wasn’t a country song to begin with.