Top 10 Saddest Country Songs

Country music tends to be known for some rowdy, beer drinking, fun time having songs that you listen and sing along to when you are feeling great. What about those times when you are down in the dumps, the weather is terrible, your sports team just lost the final game or your best friend just moved away? Those songs that enhance your feelings and make you really feel? A good cry is never out of the realm of possibilities when listening to this list of our top 10 saddest country songs.

10. Whiskey Lullaby; Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss

Dark, haunting, and twisty. A song about love so deep that neither can stand to live their live without the other. Krauss’ bluegrass voice enhances the tone of the song; makes you feel the song break your heart even more.

9. Don’t Take the Girl; Tim McGraw

Maybe the song doesn’t hit you in the first verse when the little boy has to say goodbye to the little girl. Perhaps not even the second verse when the two are a couple and are held up by some criminal. But the tears are flowing when you realize that the man’s prayers to God to “not take the girl” are unanswered. No? Well how about when the song comes full circle and Johnny is taking his son fishing? That’s a beautiful country song.

8. Drink a Beer; Luke Bryan

Luke took everyone by surprise for this song. Everyone was expecting a fun, summer filled song about drinking a cold one. But instead Bryan reflects on loss (he has more than his fair share) and how to cope with it. Sometimes it means doing nothing, and drinking an honorary beer for the one you’ve lost.

7. What Hurts The Most; Rascal Flatts

We could make an album dedicated to all the sad Rascal Flatt song’s they’ve given us. What Hurts the Most is such a universal song; it can be taken as the loss of a relationship, a physical absence; the death of a loved one; it’s endless. Those violins in the beginning set the mood and make you want to curl up on the couch and let it all out.

6. Alyssa Lies: John Michael Carroll

A powerful story, told in the voice of a young child, seeing a girl at school who is suffering from abuse, but tries to hide it-lying, saying everything is okay. Ultimately the song does not end well. Alyssa goes from lying to everyone, to lying with Jesus. I don’t even want to know where the inspiration for this song came from.

5. Over You: Miranda Lambert

Written with then husband, Blake Shelton, about his experience of losing his brother in a car accident. When the song hits its stride with “But you went away/how dare you/I miss you,” as a listener you can’t help but relate. There is sadness when someone you love passes, but also anger. Miranda and Blake wrote a masterpiece, being so real with raw emotions.

4. You Should Be Here; Cole Swindell

Cole is a songwriter first, so it’s no surprise that this song is a masterpiece from beginning to end. Written for his dad who passed away before he could see the success his son would go onto have. Who hasn’t lost someone, and when the big moments in life happen, look for them, knowing how much they would enjoy the moment? Country artists are so good at letting fans into their lives; showing them everything  the good and the bad.

3.  I Drive Your Truck; Lee Brice

This song feels so authentic; and hopeful for men it has a stronger effect. Women tend to be open books, no fear in crying, letting it all out. This song, perhaps for the first time gives a real voice to men who suffer from loss. The relationship lost in the song is a brother, a brother who presumably died serving our country. Also Brice sings the hell out of this song, you can feel his emotion, his anger, sadness, hesitancy, all of it.

2. Holes In the Floor of Heaven; Steve Warner

Thanks to this song whenever a big event happens-wedding, anniversary, graduation, and it’s raining, it makes me smile to know my loved ones are looking down. But usually it just makes me cry all the tears. Warner sings an incredible sad, yet optimistic view on death and loss. From the loss of a grandparent, to a wife, to the final verse of a daughter on her wedding day without her mom. This song will wreck you.

1.Concrete Angel; Martina McBride

All the before mentioned songs don’t hold a light to Martina’s “Concrete Angel.” You want a good cry? Go straight to this song. And the music video. You won’t believe the tears coming out of your eyes. Again, I don’t want to know what inspired the song, but the issue of child abuse is given a beautiful platform with this song. Martina sings the story and gives a voice to the little girl, and all little boys and girls who suffer from abuse. This song is everything good about music, of any genre.