Throwback Jam: Tim McGraw’s “One Of These Days”

One of Tim McGraw’s most emotionally powerful songs is actually a cover.

“One Of These Days” was released as the fourth single from Tim McGraw’s Everywhere album in 1998. However, the song was originally written and recorded by Marcus Hummon on his debut album in 1995.

Hummon, a well-known songwriter and producer has some pretty huge country songs to his name with the likes of “Bless the Broken Road,” “Cowboy Take Me Away,” “Ready to Run,” and “Born to Fly.”

Hummon co-wrote the song with Monty Powell and Kip Raines. Powell tells the story of how the song came to be in an interview with The Tennessean:

“The first time that we all wrote together, Kip and I went to Marcus’ place. Marcus played the whole first verse of this song. … He goes, “I’ve got this idea: ‘I used to chase this boy from school, call him freckle face.’ ” He had all of that. Marcus is a classic writer in the fact that he isn’t sure anything he does is good unless it’s confirmed. He plays us what turns out to be 90 percent of that first verse and he goes, “But I don’t know. What have you guys got? I’m not sure if that’s any good.” Kip and I are going, “Oh no, wait a minute! Let’s not get in a hurry here.” It was just this fantastic thing.”

While the song would barely miss out on reaching the top spot, peaking at #2, it left an impact on Tim and fans as it’s still one of the songs that is routinely played at his live shows.