Our Favorite Songs from Jon Pardi’s New Album “Heartache Medication”

Jon Pardi dropped his latest album with Heartache Medication. In typical Jon Pardi fashion he stayed true to who he is as an artist.

The project doesn’t feature anything that’s over-produced. It’s refreshing that his voice is the main thing you focus on as a listener. Sure there are plenty of traditional country sounds as well as a few modern ones, but they aren’t overpowering and taking away from Pardi’s authentic vocals.

The album contains 14 songs but we picked out 5 favorite songs that stood out to us.

“Old Hat” – A song about the good ole days and the values that we once prided ourselves with. “There’s a lot of us old hats that ain’t ready to give the old hat the boot” is such an impactful lyric that gives us as listeners faith that everything’s gonna be alright.

“Nobody Leaves a Girl Like That” – The classic song about realizing that you had a good thing once it’s too late. Pardi sings this one with emotion which makes us curious about the inspiration behind it.

“Don’t Blame It On Whiskey” – To be honest, this is THE standout song on the album and one that hopefully becomes a single. Pardi’s voice goes so well with Lauren Alainas.

“Tied One On” – Think Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her.” Pardi gets sick of the nagging from his girl and says enough is enough in this ultra-catchy and uptempo song made for a dive bar or small town saloon.

“Love Her Like She’s Leaving” – A song that could tie back directly to “Nobody Leaves a Girl Like That”, just that this time he realizes his mistakes before it becomes unforgivable. It has a groovy 90s country vibe to it that’s pretty freakin’ cool. It’s definitely something that 90s Kenny Chesney would have recorded.