Johnny McGuire Makes Solo Debut With “Neon Nights” EP

Earlier this year, Walker McGuire, the energetic duo of Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire called it quits. While the breakup was amicable, they had built a passionate fanbase that loved their music. That now continues with Johnny McGuire’s debut solo project Neon Nights.

The four track EP gives fans more of what they craved: that authentic country sound that makes you want to get up and dance, throw back a beer, or reflect on life and love. If you were a fan of Walker McGuire, then this new project from Johnny McGuire is exactly what you’re looking for.

“Tonight All Day” is that classic song about working hard all day and watching the clock as it inches closer to 5. Not to grab a drink with a buddy, but to spend time with that special lady.

“I Can’t Even” has Johnny singing the blues about a breakup and truly not being able to get over her.

“Drinking On A Back Road” grabs your attention just from the song title alone. He sings about slowing things down and going on that country themed date with your girl down on a backroad.

“Neon Nights” is the standout track on the EP if you ask me. A simple sounding song that has a positive message about enjoying those nights with your friends and family. Things aren’t ever perfect, so gather up your pals and order a round of drinks at your local tavern.