Stephen Paul’s New EP is Simply Good Country Music

Country music is in a really good place right now and it’s only going to get better with the next generation of artists and the music they’re making. Exhibit A: Stephen Paul and his new EP Off My Chest. 

This past weekend the Louisiana born singer released Off My Chest – a collection of songs that officially introduces him to country music. If you’re a fan of how country music has been sounding the last couple years with the likes of Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen being able to blend the traditional 90s sounding country with the modern “pop-country” that many like to call it, then Stephen Paul is another artist in that group.

This project includes five songs (and one acoustic performance) that are so well written and executed on, it’s a bit of a bummer we only get five. Paul kicks off the EP with “Another Goodbye Annemarie.” Singing about a former flame that still burns bright when reunited, Paul is able to paint a picture that listeners can relate to.

“Lookin’ for Me” is a song he released months ago and it’s so damn infectious and catchy. It gets in your head after only one listen. Simply, a damn good country song. As good as that one is, the best song on the EP just might be the title track with “Off My Chest.” Singing about not wanting to leave anything unsaid and finally asking for forgiveness to get closer, the emotion that Paul exudes is attention grabbing.

“Leaving Louisiana” has him going back to his roots as he describes leaving town to get over someone, but can equally double as him making the tough decision to leave the area he’s familiar with to chase his dreams. Then there’s “Over a Girl” that’s about coming up with different ways to attempt to get over that difficult breakup.

Again, this collection of songs is simply good country music. It’s the type of country music that needs to be heard so take a listen and add these to your playlist this week.