Duets With Some of Country’s Biggest Names are the Standout Songs on Colt Ford’s New Album “We The People Vol. 1”

Listen. We know Colt Ford’s music isn’t for everyone. That’s fine, but with his newest release in We The People Vol. 1 he has a collection of songs that are super catchy. It really makes you want to go to a Colt Ford show.

The strength of the project is the collaborations and that’s what we want to highlight. It’s a pretty neat sound where the verses have Colt rapping and then joined by a well-known country singer in the chorus. It creates a concept that is addicting and has you hitting repeat over and over.

“Slow Ride” with Mitchell Tenpenny

I can already hear country purists groaning, but that’s fine because we’re going to be rocking out to this one. Mitchell’s voice truly steals the show during the chorus with a hook that is memorable and finds you singing along after one listen.

“Back to Them Backroads” with Jimmie Allen

Singing about the backroads, these two ying and yang with a snappy background beat that keeps the song moving even though it’s a bit of a slower speed vocally. Yet another one that you find yourself dancing too.

“Red, White, Blue and Blessed” with Walker Montgomery

Walker Montgomery, the up and coming singer whose dad is John Michael Montgomery, joins Colt Ford on what might be the most traditionally sounding country song on the album. It also might be the best song on the project. Hell, I think this could do really well at radio.

“Nightcap” with Michael Ray

This one takes off during the hook before the chorus when we start to hear Michael Ray. The chorus is 100% Michael Ray and it’s damn good.

“Lucky Scars” with Eddie Montgomery

Inject this one into my veins. We get Montgomery Gentry vibes during this one as Eddie carries a large portion of the song with pockets of Colt Ford’s rapping dropped in here and there.