Ryan Hurd’s New EP “Platonic”

With every single, every EP, Ryan Hurd is getting that much closer to perfecting who he is as an artist.

His latest EP Platonic begins with his biggest song to date that recently cracked the Top 40, “To a T.” Hurd gets an assist from his mega talented wife Maren Morris on this one. It gives a good prelude as to what of the rest of the album will be. You won’t find any fast-paced, pumped up drinking songs that country music is known for. Hurd takes a softer, alternative route. He leaves it up to the lyrics, like in “Half Hoping,” a fun ying and yang song about what when your heart and head want something different.

The title track “Platonic” is self explanatory: two people who believe they can be friends, but also knowing there is more to it than just friendship. I think this song best envisions what Hurd wants his career to be and the type of music he wants to make. It may be classified as country, but there are so many other sounds going on that it is definitely in the blurred genre category.

“Florida With a Girl” may be the weak link of the album. It’s a real chill, laid-back song about a single summer with a one time love, which isn’t the first time the subject has been covered in country music, but it falls a little flat.

The five track EP ends with “Wish For the World” a sweet little song, that begins with an acoustic guitar and Hurd counting off the beat. It is the closest to a true country song that you’ll find on the album. If Hurd is working on a full length project I can only hope he takes it in this direction.