Throwback Jam: Lonestar’s “What About Now”

In full transparency, the inspiration for this week’s Throwback Jam was born on Monday night when Lonestar headlined a free show as part of Whiskey Jam. True story; a free show. That’s what’s amazing about a town like Nashville – you can end up seeing some of the biggest acts play right in front of you for nothing.

In April of 2000, Lonestar was coming off of two absolute smash hits with “Amazed” and “Smile.” The two ballads had catapulted them to the top of the charts but how do you follow those two ballads up? With their next smash hit “What About Now.”

The song would become their 5th ever #1. It was followed up by “Tell Her” and “I’m Already There” both reaching the top of the charts, meaning their Lonely Grill album notched 5 #1 songs. Talk about a heck of an album. It ended up going Platinum three times!

The upbeat song is easily recognizable off the bat and is just a fun song to listen to whether you’re cruising down the highway, out for a run, or just listening around the house.