Meghan Patrick’s New EP “Wild As Me”

Meghan Patrick is back with an all new, 6 track EP Wild As Me.

It acts as an unapologetic biography, with Patrick killing the vocals at every turn. She has no problem being vulnerable and showing a not so attractive side in “Praying Right” a song that touches on insecurities everyone probably finds within their faith and beliefs; the balance between sinning and asking for forgiveness. A solid, all encompassing country song.

The album kicks off with “Girls Like Me.” Perhaps an ode to Eric Church’s “Guys Like Me”, it depicts a girl a little rough around the edges; it gives way to a boot stomping, hands clapping last verse, that makes you want to call up your friends for a girls night out. Meghan follows that up with “Things I Shouldn’t Say” a flirty temptation song, and “I Don’t Look At Him” an honest truth about not quite moving on from a former flame.

The album ends with “Chaser” a fun, upbeat song about helping someone get their mind off a lost love; in the most literally sense being a chaser (some might say rebound, but artists have a magical way of putting a good spin on things).

The strongest song on the EP and the lead single is the title track “Wild As Me.” It may not seem like it from the outside but it is a beautiful love song we all know is directed at her fellow country musician boyfriend Mitchell Tenpenny. It is actually the first love song she has ever released as a single, but it still feels like a Meghan Patrick song; genuine, gritty, and a little “rough around the edges.”

This Canadian artist is no stranger to awards and accolades in the Canadian Country Music industry and she is gaining a lot of traction in Nashville and the US country airwaves. There’s no doubt this EP is bound to pick up new listeners and new fans.