Artist You Need to Know: Honey County

If you’re even a little bit familiar with the history of country music, you know the influence that the state of California has had on the genre. The Bakersfield sound was developed in Southern California in the late 1950s but was taken to another level with artists such as Merle Haggard and Buck Owens. Heck, even the ACM Awards took place in California for many years before relocating to Las Vegas.

Honey County, a female trio, might be the latest in the long history of California’s influence on country music.

The band is made up of Dani Rose, Devon Jane, and Katie Stump. Dani moved to Los Angeles about ten years ago from Virginia where she linked up with Devon and Katie who were each pursuing their solo careers as artists in Southern California. Dani was looking for a guitar player and a mutual friend recommended Devon. Once Devon introduced her college friend Katie, the three realized they got along so well that they should try doing the music thing together.

In the last five years since they formed as a group they’ve been fortunate enough to open for artists such as Lady Antebellum, Old Dominion, and Chase Rice.

As for their sound? On their website they describe themselves as “three-part vocal harmonies, pop hooks, southern twang, and California cool.” Truthfully, I can’t think of a better way to describe them. Sure, they remind you of a Runaway June with their ability to harmonize, but they have this element that is different than the traditional country. It’s hard to describe, but maybe it can be best described as uniquely Honey County.

“High on the Radio” and “Love Someone” are two of the group’s standout songs from their EP they released this year. “High on the Radio” is a fun summer song about a summer love while “Love Someone” is a groovy ballad about not being able to goad someone else into loving you back, no matter how much you love them. The two songs showcases the group’s harmonies to tell a story, whether it’s about love or heartbreak.

They followed up on their EP by continuing to release even more new music. “Country Strong” is an uplifting song about dusting yourself off and fighting through it. Their most recent release a few weeks ago was “Under Your Influence” a catchy love song that features Spencer Crandall.

The group is super talented and with their harmonies, the sky is truly the limit.