Throwback Jam: Clay Walker’s “What’s It To You”

In the summer of 1993, a new country artist by the name of Clay Walker released his debut single. “What’s It To You” would be a sign of what was to come.

The debut single for Clay Walker reached the top of the charts that same year.

The song was written by Robert Orrall (“Next To You, Next To Me”, “I’m Only Me When I’m With You”) and Curtis Wright (“Next To You, Next To Me”, “Too Much Fun”). The two songwriters wrote together so often that the briefly became a duo, even receiving a CMA nomination.

“What’s It To You” is yet another example of a great 90s song that brings back great memories from one of the best eras of music. Walker would go on to have 6 #1s and 17 Top-10 hits in his music career.