Kalsey Kulyk Releases Debut Album

When you hear Kalsey Kulyk’s voice one thing is crystal clear – she was born to sing country music.

This past weekend, Kalsey Kulyk released her self-titled debut album. Growing up in Canada she was always singing growing up as a child which continued as she set out to make a career in making country music. She won a national singing competition which led to her singing with Red Dot Records (now Anthem Entertainment) and eventually moved down to Nashville to begin working on her debut project.

We all know about the shortage of women in country music, but this is one collection of songs that needs to be heard. The songwriting clearly comes from the heart and you can hear it when she sings. While there are plenty of catchy songs in our country music world, not all of them truly make you feel something. All seven on this album do.

There’s real emotion in bargaining with the decision between the comfort of a bad relationship and the uncertainty of a new start in both “Love Somebody” and “Damn You Love.” “I run from you, but never fast enough” is such a compact lyric that says so much. Everyone can picture that story.

Kulyk sings about going through the motions of a relationship in “Roll With It” and then sings about sucking it up and putting on a good face in “Low Times In High Heels.”

While they are all great songs, the song that really jumps out to the listener is “Bad Liar.” The self-deprecating song has her lying straight through her teeth about how well she’s handling the breakup. It’s such a catchy sounding song that finds you hitting the repeat button.

“Not All Angels Can Fly” is a somber song that has her reinforcing something that we all need reminding: everyone has their faults and is imperfect. She wraps up the album with “More Time.” It will hit you right in the heart as she sings from the perspective of visiting her grandpa who isn’t doing well and him sharing his perspective on life with her.

If you’re a fan of 90s country music like Martina, Trisha, and Faith then Kalsey Kulyk and her album is perfect for you.

Favorite Song: “Damn You Love”

Favorite Lyric: “Statistics show that all alone looks better with a smile” (Low Times In High Heels)