American Young’s New EP “Soundtrack Of Your Life”

American Young released their new EP Soundtrack Of Your Life this past weekend and if you’re a fan of modern country music that’s blended with the traditional sounds of country music then this project is just for you.

The strength of the album is the vocal sound. By now you should know that we absolutely love the sound of a male/female duo and American Young is yet another example of this great sound. The instrumentals are damn good as well — not too overpowering but in a supportive role that enhances the voices of the duo.

The duo of Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone (“Me and My Gang” and “A Woman Like You”) seem to have a natural chemistry and bond when singing. Their ability to harmonize and truly blend their voices make this EP what it is.

The EP kicks off with “Gonna Be You” — the standout track on the project if you ask me. When the chorus begins with the line of “Could I ever love someone” I naturally find myself saying “woah.” The song about that one true love highlights both singers’ abilities to carry the chorus.

 “Die Another Day” is the other standout song on the project as the ballad has them singing about not being an upside to having winners and losers in a relationship. Then there’s “Soundtrack Of Your Life” which is half part nostalgic and half part falling in love at the beginning of a relationship. 

“Falling Star” is the song about that precise moment you feel your life changing. In this instance, it’s about falling in love but could easily be applied to other life changing moments such as becoming a parent. The duo wraps up the project with a cover of John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind”, although they do so with a bit more soul and mystery which really breathes new life into the lyrics.

Take a listen yourself. You’re not going to be disappointed you did.