Dylan Schneider’s New EP “Whole Town Talk”

Dylan Schneider is back with his latest project since 2017, Whole Town Talk. The four track EP is just the start of what to expect from Schneider.

Not even 20 years old, Dylan has found himself in good company as he is joining Florida Georgia Line’s Round Here Records. Dylan has always been a triple threat of a songwriter, singer, and performer, and this latest EP may be some of his best work.

The title track “Whole Town Talk” is a fun, swampy sounding jam, that doesn’t come across as pop country, but more of a rock, blues, country. It’s hard to put an exact label on Schneider; he makes good music that fits his own style. “How To Country” is a homage to his roots; country is what he grew up and what influences him most. With plenty of steel guitar and mentions of McGraw on cassette, Schneider shows that he can be country for the next generation.

We get the slowed down, vulnerable side of Schneider’s music with “Hometown Heartless.” Although I think it could do without the added background beats, I’ll patiently wait for an acoustic version. The EP closes with “Bad Thing About a Backroad” a song that has potential to be a successful single. The best part though is the final verse, when it is stripped down to just a guitar and Dylan’s voice.

As a singer who was found through his YouTube videos, it’s no question that Dylan Schneider is best when the background noise and singers are gone. Here’s to hoping we get more of that on upcoming projects.