Artist You Need to Know: Jackson Michelson

After you listen to Jackson Michelson’s music one thing is clear: he’s authentic.

Growing up in Oregon, Michelson grew up in the country lifestyle he would often spend his summers baling hay. However, it wasn’t long before he traded in that summer gig for selling merchandise at concerts. His brother was a Christian artist and by going on tour with him, Michelson was able to see the ins and outs of life as an artist.

Soon, Michelson began writing his own songs and thinking about becoming an artist himself. Not long after high school he entered the Country Colgate Showdown and ended up winning the Western regional final, confirming that he was made to do country music. Michelson continued to play shows on the West Coast, slowly growing his fan base. Show by show; fan by fan.

Jackson Michelson is a high energy artist with songs that are a natural pick me up. His music is the soundtrack to that summer bonfire, day at the lake, or clocking out on Friday and heading to the local dive bar. Songs like “One At a Time” and “Rollin’” are two examples of those types of songs.

Just as easy as he can belt out a fun jam, he’s able to pull a 180 and get down to business with a meaningful ballad. He slows things down in “Your Love” while giving his girl praise for keeping him going day after day.

Is your love, Sunday morning than easy
Your love, it’s got that high school, prom night feeling
Your love is barefoot, running wild on sacred ground
Your love is like a small town

His most impressive song just might be his latest release with “Stay Over.” Singing about a relationship that isn’t ever truly over, no matter how wrong it is. It’s catchy, not overly produced, as the song let’s his vocals carry the song in a way that you get the sense that it means something to him. That he’s been in that situation before — and that’s all that you can ask for of an artist.

Authentic and relatable. Those two things are going to help Michelson continue to grow as an artist in the next decade.