ICYMI: Chris Buck Band releases music video for the relatable “Holy Ground”

CCMA Award Nominated Chris Buck Band released a music video for their latest single “Holy Ground.” 

The song tells the story about how the backroads we are familiar truly hold a special place in our hearts. It’s the ground we played backyard football on and the home that we had Sunday lunches after church. On the surface it seems like simple or trivial things but when you truly step back and look at it — you become genuinely grateful.

The video was shot at Chris Buck’s aunt and uncles place as he wanted to truly showcase something that was relatable and gave a glimpse into his life and where he grew up.

I feel everyone can relate to that one special place they grew up at or spent time at growing up that makes them feel alive,” says Buck. “The memories they created can stick with you for a lifetime! And that’s why I wrote this song about my family’s property – every time I go back I instantly feel at peace there and reflect on those memories!