Throwback Jam: Emerson Drive’s “Fall Into Me”

Is there anything more early 2000s than a music video that takes place in an aquarium with huge fish tanks all around?

In 2002, a country band that hailed from Canada was making their official entrance loud and clear to country music in America. After their debut single “I Should Be Sleeping” reached #4 on the charts, Emerson Drive followed that up with the super infectious “Fall Into Me.”

Written by Danny Orton (Rascal Flatt’s “Stand”) and Jeremy Stover (Justin Moore’s “Small Town USA”) the song would reach #3 on the country charts cementing the group as a band to pay attention to.

With the echo intro followed by the big percussion to kick off the song, it’s instantly recognizable even after all of the years. Chances are if you grew up on 90s country or early 2000s country, you’ll still remember the words to this one.

You gotta watch Emerson Drive’s video for “Fall Into Me.”