Hunter Hayes Releases First Album in Last Five Years

To say it’s been a journey for Hunter Hayes would be an understatement. He bust on to the country music scene as a teenager and received instant fame and gratification. But if you’ve noticed, we haven’t heard a lot of new Hunter Hayes music in the last 5 years. That’s been intentional.

Hunter Hayes needed time to make the music he wanted to rather than make songs just for the sake of making a song. His latest album Wild Blue Part 1 is a different sounding Hunter Hayes than you may be accustomed to. Still the same smooth voice, but the different sound of each song will catch your attention.

And while some albums have a common theme throughout them, it’s hard to pinpoint one as you listen to each track. If you had to come up with one it would be heartbreak, but Hunter Hayes tells People differently. 

“To me, just having this album tracklisting be all over the map, it’s an introduction to a person versus just an album,” Hayes says.

He kicks off the album with the up-tempo “Madness” to draw the listener in before pivoting to the ballads later in the album.

“Wild Blue” is a different sounding song not quite a ballad or jam that appears to have Hunter speaking portions of the verses. He follows that with “Heartbreak” his current single before transitioning to one of the coolest sounding songs on the album in “One Good Reason.” Singing about heartbreak, it’s his vocal range that steals the show on this one.

“Dear God” has him questioning God about love and life, something that all believers do. “Loving You” and “My Song Too” are two songs that have a similar message to them about a failed relationship but still loving and respecting that person. These two are the gems of the album and could do well for him if he makes either of them a single for radio.

Someone (Emily) told me that “One Shot” reminds her of me on my nights out so cheers to Hunter for this relatable song that is catchy as hell.

Hayes wraps up the album with an R&B infused song with “Night and Day” and “Still” — a song without a chorus that has him singing about finding inner peace and resolve with all that life throws at him.

The album is a quick 10 songs but since this is Part 1, I think it’s fair to assume that Part 2 has to be coming soon. Hunter Hayes is no different from any artist in always trying to perfect their sound, push the boundaries and take some calculated risks. He did that with Wild Blue Part 1 and are uber curious to hear if Part 2 sounds anything similar to this project.