Artist You Need to Know: Sean Stemaly

Although he grew up admiring and listening to country greats like Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn, Sean Stemaly didn’t even know he could sing until he was 19 — he didn’t pick up a guitar until a few years after that.

Stemaly is making a strong introduction into the country scene, releasing his first single, “Back On a Backroad” an absolute jam written by Josh Kerr, Hardy and Cole Taylor. Not bad company to have on your first single. Stemaly is more so following up on the success of “Georgia” a song he released back in February of this year. A sweet song about a long term relationship, with references to other iconic country songs, “I got exes still in Texas,” “Spent my last night callin Baton Rouge,” and a few other songs you’ll catch if you’re paying close attention.

Sean has a handful of fun, well-written songs that you can find, like “Drunk Kissin” and “If This Truck Could Talk.” He makes you believe he has been doing this forever—his voice is so good and has flavors of his southern Indiana upbringing in it.

A single here and there is great, but here’s to hoping we have an album or an EP in the near future. Sean did sign a publishing deal with Big Loud/Maverick Management and has written over 100 songs. Surely there is album in there somewhere. Keep an eye on this guy, as he’s coming up quick through the country music ranks.