Ladies of the 90s

By Emily Wagner

It’s no secret that 90’s country is held in a high regard in today’s climate. Especially for us millennials, there was no better way to grow up then turning on the radio to hear some of the best country music. Not just country music, but women of 90’s country music. There are countless and artists and even more amazing songs came from a lot of women, single acts to bands. These top 10 songs from the 1990’s sung by women, are fun, empowering, revengeful, and full of attitude.

10. I’ll Think of a Reason Later, Leann Womack

This song is so feisty, cute, and hilarious at the same time; words that you probably wouldn’t associate with a song that deals with a breakup. Womack delivers all the lyrics perfectly and gives the song added personality and attitude.

9. Better Things To Do, Terri Clark

What a song to debut with. Clark is never short on sass and strength as is evident throughout her career and songs. This song is so clever and even a little sarcastic. It truly is the perfect song to sing to that ex who thinks you can go on without them.

8. Is There Life Out There, Reba McEntire

Hands down one of Reba’s best. It is so relatable to those of any age, men and women, but perhaps women more so. Who doesn’t have the curiosity of life, and what life holds?

7. Wild One, Faith Hill

This song celebrates the strong-willed, determined woman. A person we either are or strive to be. It’s not surprising it became Hill’s first #1 song.

6. Little Goodbyes, SheDAISEY

I love how the attitude and scorn are felt from the first line of this song, “I’m going to tell you something you don’t want to hear.” It sets the tone for the rest of the song. No regret, no shame, just a little sweet revenge.

5. Ready to Run, Dixie Chicks

It’s always interesting to hear about fear of commitment from a woman’s perspective. This song is so playful and innocent and this music video makes it even more fun.

4. Happy Girl, Martina McBride

This is such a feel good song and everyone should listen to it at least once a week. Even better is that the song has no mention of a love interest or personal success, but claims happiness is what you make for yourself.

3. One Way Ticket, Leann Rimes

Talk about a song that you roll the windows down and turn up the volume for. Yes Rimes was only a teen when she recorded the song, but it speaks to such empowerment, the idea that you can really do what you want in your life.

2. XXX’s and OOO’s, Trisha Yearwood

Trisha paints a picture of your everyday ordinary girl, who does it all. Juggles a husband, kids, a job, a house, everything. It gives a voice to all those women who were told they couldn’t have it all, but are achieving it all, an American girl.

1. Any Man of Mine, Shania Twain

Maybe “Man I Feel Like a Woman” feels like a more appropriate song for this list, but you are wrong. I love how Shania is telling her guy, just how it’s going to be, she’s calling the shots. Sure it points out that women have their flaws, but they are to be celebrated not used against them. Shania was the queen of the 90’s and this song is one of the major reasons why.

1. Bye Bye, JoDee Messina

Oh that opening guitar solo just captivates you and holds your attention until the song is over. One of the best break up songs of the 1990’s Messina plays the fed up lover, ready to move on with her life. And it’s not sad, it’s fun, almost happy, and most definitely freeing.

So yes there are two #1 songs, because it is impossible to choose.

The ladies of the 90’s could rock any kind of song, but they knew how to write, sing and perform songs of empowerment, personal happiness, and maybe even a little revenge. Check out the playlist below to listen to even more great songs by the women who defined country music in the 1990’s.