Throwback Jam: Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On”

How this song never hit #1 on the charts is one of the great mysteries of 90’s country music.

In March of 1998 Shania Twain released the fourth single off her album Come on Over. “From This Moment On” would go on to reach #6 on the US Country Charts, #1 on the Canadian Country charts, and hit the top ten in numerous countries around the world, from Australia to the Netherlands.

With the success of the single came numerous different renditions, but you are fooling yourself if you don’t think the original duet with Bryan White is the all time best. White actually received the call from Shania herself, while he was out on the road. Not surprising, White immediately agreed to be a part of the project.

Shania had originally started thinking and writing the song while she was at a soccer match with her husband. She initially thought it would be a perfect fit for Celine Dion, but as the song developed it was decided that it would work better as a duet. Rumor has it, Elton John was the original choice to cover the male lead, but Shania was a huge fan of Bryan White, claiming he had “the best male voice in country music” and for a song that demanded a lot vocally, he was the perfect fit.

As it goes in the music world, labels and managers and publishers tend to ruin a good thing, and when it was determined that White wouldn’t be available to promote the song internationally alongside Shania, she had to return to the studio and re-recorded all of White’s parts. White and his label were okay with being excluded on the international version, as the song was morphing into more of a pop, contemporary track. White was fine staying away from that and continuing in his country lane.

How sad for the rest of the world to not get the chance to listen one of the best country duets of all time.