Olivia Lane Sings From The Heart in New EP “The One”

This past weekend Olivia Lane dropped her latest EP The One. The six track project gives us a glimpse into Olivia Lane’s life the last couple years.

Listening to the EP from start to finish you get a sense of contentment. Not in the sense of settling for good enough, but as in she know who she is and what she wants. There’s an authenticity to her lyrics that jump out as you listen to each song.

Whether it’s a heartbreak song or a feel-good song, Lane put her whole heart into this EP. It seems as if she’s grown a lot in the last few years as you listen for the key message in each song. Vocally, she’s spot on as her voice brings her lyrics to life, whether it’s a peppy love song or a somber ballad about heartbreak.

“So Good It Hurts” is a fun jam that has Olivia Lane paying tribute to her boyfriend and all the things she loves about him. 

“Let It Hurt” is a deeply emotional and vulnerable song. She hits on the fact that it’s perfectly normal to not be okay and that you don’t always have to put on a brave face. In fact, sometimes it’s better to just feel it and deal with it. 

“The One” is another vulnerable song from Olivia Lane as she sings about not wanting to be a fill in girlfriend or in a part-time relationship. She doesn’t want to be “the one” that is the second fiddle. 

“Friends Don’t” is yet another raw and powerful song but this time from the perspective of someone who knows there’s something more there. However, the other person just can’t see it. It’s the raw feeling of not wanting to risk losing a friendship but not knowing how truly great the two could be together. 

“The Cape” is my personal favorite on the EP. It’s such an inspirational song that at first listen is something that all young people should listen to, but after further listen it’s meant as a friendly reminder to those of us who have our heads down in the rat race we call life. She wants us to live life with a purpose. 

“Not Know” is perhaps the best written song on the entire project. Everyone wants their life to go a certain way, but you can only do so much planning and that’s exactly what she hits on in this one. You can tell that she has a clearer vision for how she wants to live her own life.