Artist You Need to Know: Dylan Schneider

He might not be a household name, but Dylan Schneider has an enthusiastic and dedicated fan base that most artists would kill to have at his age.

Dylan Schneider is one of the first county artists that truly became an artist via YouTube. Sure, Luke Combs did as well, but Dylan Schneider has built up an impressive following on his social media platforms and streaming services. He has nearly as many monthly listeners on Spotify as Michael Ray, more Facebook page likes than Old Dominion, Dan + Shay, and Riley Green combined, and nearly 100k Twitter followers.

The 19 year-old is the epitome of the new country sound but he sings in a way that comes across as truly authentic and not a cheap out to gain stardom. Quite honestly, it’s the perfect sound for this new era of country music that gives subtle nods to the glory days of 90s country while including other musical influences in a sound.

“How Does It Sound” was his first song released to radio last year. While the song peaked in the 40s I’m convinced that if Thomas Rhett or Michael Ray cut that song it’s a Top 10 or Top 20 song. “Is it a little George Strait or a little more Tim McGraw” is one of the clever lyrics that shows his roots and his influences.

And that’s the thing you get with Dylan Schneider. When it comes to songwriting, he’s mature beyond his years. Take a listen to “50 Cent Lighter” – a song about a brief love or “You Heard Wrong” – a song about the difficulty of getting over a relationship, and you’ll get a taste of what he’s all about as a songwriter. There’s a depth to his writing that is impressive for any artist, let along someone still in his teens.

While he’s able to deliver on the emotional ballads, make no mistake about it…he’s able to take it up a notch to the anthems that are a must have at live shows. “No Problem” is one that you instantly find yourself singing along to and just feeling good about. But that fails in comparison to his most well known song — at least amongst his fan base.

“Two Black X’s” is THE song that fans at his live shows get most hyped about. His fans show up with two black x’s written on their hands to show their support for their favorite artist. The song is a straight up jam. Some would say it’s a bit “bro country,” but we prefer to call it what it’s intended to be — a youthful love song with a hint of nostalgia that everyone can relate to.

Dylan Schneider has been teasing fans that new music is coming — we just don’t know when or in what capacity. But one thing that’s clear is that as we look to turn the calendar to a new decade, Dylan Schneider is the type of artist who figures to have a large impact on the sound of country music going forward. His ability to balance between being progressive in his sound while keeping his country roots is going to pay dividends for him.

Stay tuned folks. Dylan Schneider is only just beginning.