Throwback Jam: Travis Tritt’s “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive”

It’s one of the more iconic country songs, particularly with the opening lyrics.

I’ve got rice cookin’ in the microwave.

Toward the end of 2000, Travis Tritt released “It’s a Great Day To Be Alive.” The absolutely addicting song peaked one notch below the top of the charts at #2 in 2001. Bobby Bones recently did a podcast on the best songs that fell a spot short and we’d like to add this song to his list.

The song stayed at #2 for four consecutive weeks. It was boxed out by Jessica Andrews’ “Who I Am” and Brooks and Dunn’s “Ain’t Nothin’ Bout You.”

The song wasn’t even originally a Travis Tritt song. The song was written by Darrell Scott (“Born to Fly”) and then handed off to singer-songwriter Jon Randall (“Whiskey Lullaby”) who recorded it and released it in 1997 to little fanfare. It eventually made its way to Tritt who took it and ran with it.

There’s a good debate as to which Travis Tritt song is his best, but I think we’d all agree that “It’s a Great Day To Be Alive” is his most universally recognized hit.