Artist You Need to Know: Jordan Brooker

By Emily Wagner

As with most up and coming country artists, they grew up on country, inspired by George, Faith, Dolly, and Alan. However, newcomer Jordan Brooker was raised on alternative rock from the early 2000’s; musical acts like Third Eye Blind and Jimmy Eat World. There is no doubt that you can still hear some of that influence within Brooker’s music, but he has refined his songwriting and has written some amazing country songs, six of which he released on his self titled EP.

A song like “Life in Your Days” makes you question whether Brooker was born in cowboy boots and a guitar in his hands. It’s authentic country – not flashy, but a simple melody and lyrics. And it has over 2.5 million Spotify streams.

Brooker moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a songwriter and achieved that by being signed to a publishing deal with Warehouse West Entertainment, a company founded by Luke Wooten, a Grammy winning producer who has worked with Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley. He actually discovered Brooker after hearing him sing a cover of Bentley’s “Thinking of You.” Think of Brooker himself as a more rock and roll Bentley.

His rock style is evident in songs like “Over My Head” and “Sounds Like You,” with his deep baritone and strong electric guitar rifts. Not a one-trick musician, Brooker can slow it down and keep it personal with a song like “Dancin’ Down the Boulevard.”

He recently released his latest single “Surefire Way” in late July, a song that can fit on the country radio charts, but doesn’t come across as phony or heaven forbid “pop.” But he might earn himself a number one sooner than that if Luke Combs were to ever release “Refrigerator Door” from his latest EP, because yes, Brooker was a cowriter on that masterpiece.

So maybe Jordan Brooker’s path to Nashville wasn’t as conventional or predictable as others, and maybe country wasn’t his favorite flavor growing up, but his voice and songwriting abilities, make him the perfect guy to be the new face of this new generation of artists.


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