Mason Ramsey’s New EP “Twang”

Mason Ramsey just released his latest EP Twang and I’m still trying to comprehend that he was born the same year High School Musical came out. This is no way an insult to his age, because the boy can sing. At 12 years old, his voice, his song selection, and the people he surrounds himself with are what will help him have longevity in this business.

None of the five songs on this album feel above Mason’s age or feel awkward for a 12 year-old to sing. “Twang” is a fun song that of course incorporates his infamous yodel on the “Twang-ang-ang.” Mason, everyone loves you for your twang, please never change.

“Puddle of Love” is the first song that Mason earns a writing credit on. With plenty of steel guitar, this song is a cute love song that works for those of any age, and it just sounds like something that could have been written 25 years ago.

“How Could I Not” is so extremely catchy and so sweet with lines like “then your house is where I’ll be headed; I’ll pick you up with a playlist, ready to rock” and “How could I not wannashow you off on the town?” Mason just has the ability to make every song sound like it was only meant for him to sing.

“On My Way” seems like a song that could be beyond Mason’s years, but if anything it should be interpreted as a coming of age song. He is young and this song serves as a good reminder to not get lost in the commotion of the business industry; to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and watch the sun set. Mason, you are most definitely on your way.

“Before I Knew It” honestly sounds like it could be found on a George Strait album. “This whole love thing, I thought I’d never do it, but that’s before I knew it, before I knew it” gives me major “Check Yes or No” vibes.

It’s amazing how Mason can sound so country and his songs have that authentic country sound to them, but all his songs sound fresh and new and original. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this guy.