Justin Moore’s New Album Reinforces That The Country Sound is Here to Stay

Justin Moore released his fifth studio album in Late Nights and Longnecks. 

The title of the album couldn’t be better as it’s truly the central theme of the project. There’s plenty of songs about drinking beer whether it’s getting over a relationship or drinking just because. However, the late nights theme is carried out throughout the rest of the album as he sings about a relationship that is on the rocks and a wife getting the call that her husband died in war.

There’s a substance to each of the songs which is the entire point of country music. There’s a level of depth that not every country album has had this year. Moore is one of the more underrated and overlooked artists in country music and this was his friendly reminder to everyone that he’s going to play a large part in shaping the sound of country music.

He kicks off the album with “That’s Why We Drink,” which is an authentic Justin Moore song that is pure fun. He sings about not needing a reason to drink which is similar to my friend who drinks because “there’s weather.” It’s that type of song. He sings about the relationship he has with his son and how he envisions being a dad in the coming years in “That’s My Boy.” 

“The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home” is his current single that is currently sitting at #5 on the charts. It’s one of his most powerful songs to date. “Jesus and Jack Daniels” is a 90s country sounding song about the ying and yang of parenthood and the different traits they pass on to their kids. It’s the weak link on an otherwise really strong album but he immediately follows it up with the most clever song from a lyric standpoint in “Airport Bar.” 

In typical Moore fashion, he includes a boot stomping song with “Small Town Street Cred” that has him sharing the importance of street smarts in a small town. “Never Gonna Drink Again” is the perfect follow up song to the opening track as it tells the story of drinking away your problems so much that you’re never going to drink again. It’s the famous lie everyone tells themselves at some point. 

“On The Rocks” is a very somber song about a relationship that is “on the rocks” which has Moore showing his vulnerable side as he sings from a place of pain and not knowing what’s coming next. “Someday I Gotta Quit” is the song about how there comes a time in most people’s lives when they realize they gotta slow down and change their lifestyle.  

The album wraps up with “Good Times Don’t.”  It’s the perfect song to conclude the strong project. Moore sings about how the years go by and the times seem to change faster than we’d like, but the good times – the people and things we love never change. Those are the things we need to cherish.