Artist You Need to Know: Emma White

Emma White is done playing by the rules. The singer-songwriter is someone you’re going to want to keep your eyes on.

Named after country legend Emmylou Harris, Emma White has one of the purest voices you’ll hear. It just seems to come natural for her as her music is very easy to listen to. It’s a joy.

Take “You Would’ve Kissed Me By Now.” It’s just a girl and her guitar singing a somber ballad about falling out of love. It’s very Taylor Swift-esque – just with better vocals. Then there’s the groovy, train-traveling-sounding tune “Gypsy” that continues to highlight her vocals and clever songwriting that is relatable to her fans.

However, as talented of a writer and singer as she is, it hasn’t been easy for her to catch her big break. While some artists would put their head down and tuck their tail, Emma White is doing the complete opposite.

She’s putting her head down and running through a brick wall.

White shared with Berklee the struggles she had in meetings with industry people about trying to get her music played and cutting certain songs. She was running into roadblocks because she was a woman and felt like she was becoming the type of artist that fits into a box.

“I think what makes great art is a person’s truth, regardless of their gender. Their authentic perspective and the stories they share are what matters and what cuts through the noise. I think there is a need right now, more than ever, to champion the female perspective.


I think we need to show women in different lights, being different types of women, especially in Nashville and in country music. Women are diverse, powerful, fully human beings, and I think showing them in a new way, in their real way, is important.”

That led to her starting her own label Whitehouse Records dedicated to empowering young women in the industry and encouraging them that their uniqueness is what makes them great.

She released the first song from that label this spring in “Ten Year Town.” White gets very vulnerable as she puts her feelings and emotions down on paper as she sings about the struggles of trying to make it in Nashville. It’s authentically her and is the perfect lead single for her new label.

A few weeks she released another new song called “If You’re In It.” It’s a fun song that isn’t mainstream, but it’s good. And that’s what matters. She’s unapologetic about the music she’s making and the career path she’s now paving.

And she’s just getting started.