Artist You Need to Know: Dillon Carmichael

Dillon Carmichael may come from a well-known country music family, but he isn’t depending on them, or even following in their footsteps; he is set on paving his own way.

The nephew of country icons, John Michael Montgomery and Eddie, from Montgomery Gentry, while having a musically talented mother, Dillon was born with the talent, but never knew how far it could take him.

At 17 he was offered a publishing deal, something he wasn’t even aware existed. After graduating he moved to Nashville, where both of his uncles told him he would pay his dues, including working security at the Grand Ole Opry. As most things go, when Carmichael least expected an opportunity, he got one. One of Dillon’’s friends got him in touch with a manager who begged Dillon to not leave town, to give it 6 months. Within those 6 months they recorded two songs, which lead to a record deal and working with producer Dave Cobb.

While Dillon’s uncles churned out top hits and commercial successes, Dillon was aware of the music he wanted to sing and write. His deep, smooth baritone voice gives a strong southern charm to every song and if you close your eyes, it’s easy to mistake his voice as Eddie’s.

Dillon incorporates touches of old school country, like Hank and Merle, but also has a southern rock sound mixed within each song. Last October, Dillon released his first album, Hell on an Angel. A 10-track album that can range from deeply personal and sweet songs like “Old Flame” and “Dancing Away With My Heart” to more lighthearted breakup tune in “Hard On a Hangover.”

Just last month, Carmichael released his latest single “I Do For You.” A simple melody and story, which begins with him listing all the things he would never do, but he would do for the one he loves. Dillon loves creating stories into songs, which is evident in everything he does.

Some may compare him to his uncles, others to Chris Stapleton, which even Dillon doesn’t necessarily agree with. However, Dillon Carmichael is here to sing his country music and for anyone who has sorely been missing a little steel guitar and a simple melody, Carmichael is the artist you need to keep an ear on.