Ryan Hurd Hits All Emotions In New EP

After years of writing songs for many of Nashville’s best, Ryan Hurd is now fully immersed in pursuing a solo career as an artist and his latest EP further proves that he has what it takes.

While many recognize him as Maren Morris’ husband or as a songwriter for Lady A, Blake, and Luke Bryan, he deserves some more recognition for the singer he is.

This past Friday he released Panorama, a four song project that continues to show him improve as an artist. This collection of songs has Hurd hitting on all the main emotions one feels in life when you have feelings for someone. Whether it’s a breakup song or falling in love, Hurd’s lyrics are so powerful and cut right to the core.

The title track “Panorama” has Hurd singing about the simple life with just him and his girl. Singing from a new perspective of who he has become as a man this song shows the maturity of Hurd.

Then there’s the painful heartbreaking song. “Mississippi To Me” has him pleading with her to stop trying to explain herself as he tries to move on.

“Good As You Think I Am” was written with Maren Morris and you can tell just how special this one means to him. The song has him realizing that he’s his own toughest critic as his wife sees how great he is.

Hurd wraps up the EP with an emotional song about a love triangle. On the surface “I’ll Be the Moon” doesn’t seem like a love song, but if you piece together the lyrics and listen to the emotion in his voice, you can totally see it being a love song.