Throwback Jam: “Two Doors Down”

How many times these days do we hear “country is country anymore” or “why are these country artists turning to the pop charts?” It seems those people have forgotten the success that the Queen of Country Dolly Parton found with a pop audience, all while still staying true to her country roots.

“Two Doors Down” became the second single off Partons’s wildly successful album Here You Come Again. However, before Dolly released the song in March of 1978, fellow singer Zella Lehr released a cover of the song, which went on to become a top 10 hit on the country charts.

Meanwhile, Here You Come Again, to the surprise of everyone, was climbing the pop albums chart. Dolly decided to take advantage of this success and re-recorded “Two Doors Down” as a more loose, pop flavored take on the original track. She wanted something that would differ from Lehr’s and also appeal to her new pop loving fan base.

Not surprising, “Two Doors Down” became one of Parton’s most successful and well known hits. It topped the country charts and cracked the top 20 pop charts.

So next time Maren or Kelsea collaborate with a pop artist, or record a pop sounding remake, we can all relax, because Dolly did it and it only raised the status of country musicians.