Three years after coming in second on The Voice, Emily Ann Roberts is ready to reward her patient fans with an authentic, pure country sounding six-track album

While Emily Ann Roberts was ready to jump into the music making industry as soon as her season of The Voice wrapped, she received possibly the best advice of her young career. Wait.

So she finished high school and began immersing herself in songwriting. Three years later she has a finished project in her first album Someday Dream. What fans are treated is a true country sounding voice and really solid songs that don’t sound like they were written (and sung) by someone born in 1998.

Roberts album has a real mature sound to it, something that maybe wouldn’t have been as refined, had she immediately put out music as a 17 year old. She decided early on that she was going to record music that was 100% true to herself, which As an industry newbie isn’t the easiest thing to stand by. Fans got a first taste of her 6 track EP last September when she released her first single “Stuck on Me + You,” a fun boot-stomping song, with lots of violin and banjo. It was the perfect first release as it gives a complete picture as to what to expect from Roberts.

Raised on Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless, that old school country is found everywhere on the album, from “I’ve Got Forever” a stormy, love song, heavy on the violins, to “God Must Have Told You To” which may be her bravest song on the album. It’s such a simple melody and message that she sings beautifully. It proves that Emily Ann is in this to make the music she wants to make, regardless if they are a commercial success.

The title track “Someday Dream” is an ode to the three years between her success on The Voice to where she is in 2019, but anyone can relate and find inspiration from it, “This ain’t someday dream…dream til your dreams ain’t a dream no more.” “Wild” reminds me a lot of Sara Evans “Born to Fly” as both songs describe the urge to be free and live your life your way, to remain ‘Wild.’

The album wouldn’t be complete without some sort of break up, done me wrong song. “Easy on Me” tells her love to not sugar coat the break up, to not go easy on her. Roberts has such a pure country, folk-sounding voice, that every song sounds new and fresh, yet familiar and nostalgic.

She is arguably more true country sounding in lyrics, musicality, and voice than some of her predecessors on The Voice like, Danielle Bradbery, Cassadee Pope, and Raelynn. Roberts has true potential to have a long and successful career in this business.