Artist You Need to Know: Adam Doleac

Ten years ago Adam Doleac was on top of the world. He was a member of the Division 1 Southern Miss baseball team that advanced to the College World Series after beating Florida in the Super Regional. Doleac himself scored what ended up being the winning run in that game.

Fast forward to 2019 and Doleac is one of the most talked about up and coming singer-songwriters in Nashville. Billboard Magazine and The Highway have tapped him as an emerging artist in the industry and it’s easy to see why.

Let’s start with the songwriting. The nuts and bolts of country music.

Doleac has a unique talent in weaving together words that are so poetic that you can picture yourself in the exact situation. He taps into his emotions and past experiences so you as a listener can tap into your emotions and past experiences. Take the lyrics to “Mom and Daddy’s Money.”

Never knew where it came from, just knew where it went. Hard to come by, but easy to spend. If times got tough, man, I couldn’t tell. They went through Hell so I could live In the land of milk and honey on mom and daddy’s money, money.

Then there’s the catchy tune with “Bigger Than Us” that has Doleac singing about how strong of a relationship it is no matter what gets thrown in their direction.

Baby, this love is a long, hard highway. Stronger than time and forged in steel. Two driven hearts with a boundless hunger and crazy’s got the wheel. So close your eyes let go and hold on tight. Whatever fate throws our way it’s never too much. ‘Cause girl this love is bigger than us.

Now on to Doleac’s vocals.

Imagine if John Mayer decided to go country and team up with Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum. That’s what you get with Adam Doleac. There’s a hint of a raspy voice that make his songs that much more appealing. “Famous” is his most successful song as the infectious song is closing in on 10 million Spotify streams since releasing it at the start of the year.

Then there’s “SOLO,” a youthful and energetic song about not wanting the night to end, that is further proof that he doesn’t need an over the top production to make a good song as his vocals truly make the song as he helps the listener put themselves in the exact situation. “Whiskey’s Fine” is a change of tempo as it shows that he has the ability to slow down a song and create a memorable ballad that will resonate with the listener.

It’s clear that Doleac has the entire package one would want it today’s country landscape that values vulnerability in songwriting while also being unique and fresh. “Famous” is the song that’s jump started a busy year for him and I’m sure it’s not the last we hear from him this year and the coming years.