New Music: July 15, 2019

The amount of new music this week is ridiculous.

Taylor Acorn released a nostalgic summer song this week in “Red White” that you need to add to your playlist ASAP.

JessLee’s new song this week has her giving a friend advice on how to move on after a relationship. Check out “Over Him.”

Renee Blair makes herself vulnerable as she sings about being envious of another girl being with the guy she’s into. “Girlfriend” is catchy as hell.

Ed Sheeran is the songwriter behind Kenny Chesney’s new song “Tip of My Tongue.” It’s a bit of a new sounding Kenny song but right in his wheelhouse. The song was added by a lot radio stations this week so it’s going to be climbing the charts in no time.

Chris Young and Lauren Alaina team up together on a vocally driven duet in “Town Ain’t Big Enough.

Kane Brown promised he would release a new song if enough people liked the preview on one of his Instagram posts. Well his fans delivered and Kane kept his promise in releasing “Rodeo.”

One of our favorite rising artists is Filmore and this week he released a new one. “Other Girl” has Filmore professing his love and while knowing he’s in a good situation.

This new one from Midland is catchy as hell. “Playboys” has the group showcasing their musical roots as they sing about being on the road and playing their music while balancing relationships.

Has there ever been a better pure male voice than Vince Gill? Doubtful. “I Don’t Wanna Ride The Rails No More” has an emotional Gill looking back on his life with a new perspective on how he wants to continue living.

Lacy Cavalier dropped her k i’m done EP this week which includes six tracks including her streaming smash (Over 2 million plays on Spotify) “Cheating on U.” Be sure to check out her new project and in particular one of our favorites in “Dumbest Thing.”

Nick Wayne’s latest song is for those of you who believe in love at first sight. “I Knew It Was You” has him singing about falling in love with fellow singer-songwriter Hannah Ellis.

Levi Hummon’s new release is an infectious one. “Drop of Us” has him energetically singing about living life and a relationship to its fullest potential.

Emma White is an up and coming artist you need to be following  as she continues to release great new music. “If You’re In It” has her singing about wanting to be all in on a relationship and wanting the same back from her love interest.

Tracy Lawrence continues to put out new music leading up to his new album being released on August 16th. “When the Cowboys Gone” has Lawrence singing about the yesteryears of respect and responsibility.

Emily Ann Roberts, who placed 2nd on season nine (2015) on The Voice, released an EP this week that showcases her journey since then. “Stuck on Me + You” is a fun and youthful one you need to check out first.

LJ (Lindsay James) is a new country singer-songwriter who also released her first song “Scarecrow.” The song has her singing about not staying put in a rut and moving on — whether it’s a new relationship or embarking on a singing career.