Artist You Need to Know: Erin Enderlin

She’s a songwriting powerhouse, with cuts going to Reba, Alan Jackson & Luke Bryan. She’s gone on tour with Willie Nelson, has earned high praise from Merle, and once had a roommate, known as Chris Stapleton, and yet she may be the most under appreciated person in the country music business.

Erin Enderlin is an Arkansas native, who first made her mark on the country music scene, when she was a senior in college. That was when she got the call that Alan Jackson was going to cut her song “Monday Morning Church” which eventually reached number 5 on the charts. From there, Erin knew creating music was all she wanted to do.

Erin is the epitome of what we now classify as 90’s country; a soulful, little twangy voice (not far fetched to say there is a Trisha Yearwood likeness to her), lots of steel guitar, fiddles, and steel pedal, everything about her screams authentic.

In 2017 she released a 14 track album Whiskeytown Crier produced by Jayme Johnson and Jim “Moose” Brown. Stapleton lends his vocals on a handful of songs, providing the harmony for “Caroline” a swampy, murder song and “His Memory Walks on Water” a song about a daughters perspective on her now late father’s alcohol addiction, and in my opinion the most powerful song on the album.

There is a duet with Randy Houser in “The Coldest in Town,” another murder involved song co written by Shane McAnally “Baby Sister,” and a cover of Tammy Wynette’s “Til I Can Make it On My Own.” What more do you need?

Enderlin is a story teller, focused on creating a character and a plot in each of her songs. Whiskeytown Crier is a creative master piece that her and the producers wanted to reflect an actual newspaper. Each song is a new story about a new person going through something relatable and raw. Each song flows right into the next, so I highly recommend starting from the beginning and listen to the album as it was intended.

Erin is having a busy 2019 with plans to release multiple EP’s. She has already released two and just as it was with Whiskytown Crier, it feels like everything is intentional. Chapter One: I Don’t Give a Damn, starts you off with a main character in “Broken” and you get to follow that character and the choices she makes through the next two tracks, “Til It’s Gone” and “Tonight I Don’t Give a Damn.” These songs can certainly hold their own and can be listened to separately, but it is like reading a book in a trilogy, you need to know what comes next and it makes more sense listening in order. She just released her second EP I Can Be Your Whisky at the end of June and I cannot wait to hear more from her.

If you are missing the true, authentic country, or are a big fan of the likes of Ashley McBryde and Chris Stapleton, Erin Enderlin is helping to prove that type of country is in good hands