Throwback Jam: “Summertime”

By Emily Wagner

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since Kenny Chesney scored another number one hit with “Summertime.” The song could be released today and it would just as easily reach the top of the charts.

The song was written by Craig Wiseman, crowned songwriter of the decade in 2009, and known for massive hits like Tim McGraw’s “Everywhere” and numerous Phil Vassar songs such as “In A Real Love” and “Just Another Day in Paradise.”

Wiseman co-wrote “Summertime” with his friend Steven McEwan, who has songwriting credits across all genres; most notably Carrie Underwood’s number one hit “Just a Dream” and Chesney’s “Young” which he again collaborated with Wiseman on. The two actually collaborate on a lot of songs, another one being McGraw’s “My Old Friend.” It was while working on this song that Wiseman got the idea for “Summertime.”

While taking a break from writing, Wiseman stepped outside, on what felt like the first true night of summer, as he says “you could smell the grass growing.” Wiseman was so fixated on the word summertime and the next day he began putting a drum beat together, and the rest, with the help of McEwan, quickly followed.

Chances are when you are looking for that one summer song, whether in your car, out on the water, or in your backyard, Kenny Chesney is the artist you are going to think of first, with “Summertime” encapsulating all the fun and fell good moments that summer entails.