Runaway June’s Debut Album “Blue Roses” Might Just Have the Song of the Year

By Aaron Wagner

It was nearly a year ago that Runaway June dropped an EP that formally introduced them to the country community. Since then their single “Buy My Own Drinks” has climbed into the Top 20 on the charts and they’ve been opening up for Carrie Underwood on her tour. It’s amazing what a year can do for an artist.

Now, they’re poised to build on that momentum and become a mainstay in country music with the release of their debut full-length album Blue Roses.

The album features some of the same songs we heard on their EP — which is fantastic because the quality of music and in particular the harmonized vocals are off the charts. The thing about Runaway June is that they don’t need all the pyrotechnics and fluff that some artist use to create a bigger and better image. That’s not to suggest that they can’t or shouldn’t do so, but they have the ability to pull people in with the simplicity of a guitar and their voice.

Blue Roses kicks off with a song that is very cleverly lyrically in “Head Over Heels.” I can promise you the subject matter is a 180 from what you’re thinking. It’s then followed up with their current single “Buy My Own Drinks.”

The group sings about heartbreak in a few different ways. “Trouble With This Town” is the quintessential country song about the trouble living in a small town while trying to get over someone and you see those memories on every street. “Get Me Where I Want You” has the trio singing about being in love with someone, but they’re not able to love them back completely. Then there’s the title track “Blue Roses” which is quite honestly a terribly sad and depressing song — especially to end the album with. HOWEVER, it’s a quality country song with clever words to tell an emotional story that they are able to convey through the vocals.

The best song on the album is easily “We Were Rich.” It’s honestly one of the best country songs I’ve heard released in the last year. It’s a song that a lot of people can relate to. Life isn’t about what you have but who you have. If this gets released as a single I truly think it has potential to be an award winner.

The group covers Dwight Yoakam’s “Fast As You” which is a staple in their live shows. “I Know the Way” is a fun loving, catchy song about falling in love without wasting much time. Maybe too fast.

“Good, Bad, & Ugly” is an appreciation song for their significant others for putting up with them and every fault and quirk that comes with the territory. Another song that jumps out as single potential is “I Am Too” as it’s a nice, country ballad about trying to get over someone and wondering in the back of your head if they’re asking themselves the same questions and dealing with the breakup in a similar fashion.

While it doesn’t seem long ago, it’s been around 15 years since country music had The Dixie Chicks and SHeDAISY making their impact on country music and being an inspiration to thousands of young country fans. That being said, it appears like we’re headed back to the same with Runaway June and this new album puts them in prime position to regularly be on the country charts.