Artist You Need to Know: The Dungarees

If you’re the type of country music fan that appreciates authentic country voices with a true country sound, then this group from Canada is right in your wheelhouse.

Meet The Dungarees.

The group is continuing to make strides in country music, particularly in Canada, with CCMA and ACMA nominations. When describing their sound they say that they are heavily influenced by the country sound of the 70s, 80s, and 90s while trying to fuse a few modern elements into it. It’s such a rich country sound that can still appeal to the modern country listener.

The group being formed was by chance and out of love for music and making good music. Each of the guys was doing their own thing playing in various bands from country to rock to folk to punk. A couple of the guys got to talking about putting together a more country sounding band — nothing serious — but just to play a few gigs, some weddings, and other functions. Nearly 10 years later, and it’s fair to say they are doing more than just smaller community gigs.

While the band grew up on Dwight Yoakam, Elvis Presley, and Vince Gill, when the group gets to writing songs or recording in the studio it’s their diverse backgrounds that come in handy. The group tells us that “It definitely helps having those outside influences from other genres in your writing, arranging and song ideas.  You’d never expect it from a country band, but when we’re songwriting or in the studio, we frequently reference a variety of groups. It’s not uncommon for us to mention bands like AC/DC, The Travelling Wibury’s, or Def Leppard.”

Most recently the group released one of the more sentimental and touching songs in country music with the release of “Twenty Something.” The song about navigating through life and how each year is a special treasure, was with the group for years but they wanted to find the perfect way to record it.

“Our producer Russell Broom really loved it and he was instrumental in getting us to record it. We’d had it kicking around for a couple of years but never acted on it.. Russ really believed that we could do something special with it. It sure didn’t take much convincing from Russ, because we all really loved the song; we just hadn’t found the right time to record it in the proper way.  The song is beautiful and meaningful and we wanted to do it the justice that it deserved, so we decided to put the song in Russ’ hands and allowed him to steer us through his vision for what the song could really be.”

It’s a powerful song that everyone can relate to in someway. It’s about growing up, dealing with loss, all while looking back on the moments that have shaped a life.

“I think each of the guys has been through some tough times over the last year or so; losing friends or family members.  It’s a very introspective and nostalgic song, which is why it felt like the right time for us to get it down in the studio and we’re thrilled with how it turned out.”

The music video which was recently released, brings the song to life. The band worked together along with video producer Jay Lawrence to carry out their collective vision for the song. The video is a single frame concept that shows time passing with every new person that is shown

“We wanted the video to mirror the storyline of the song, which is that as we all move through life, we experience a variety of things; love, heartbreak, making mistakes, getting wiser — basically growing up, until you grow old and look back on it all in both a wistful and nostalgic way.  So it was important to us that that came through in the video.”

With a song as much substance as “Twenty Something” it’s clear that The Dungarees know how to draw out the emotions and connect with their audience. With other songs such as “Anywhere With You” and “Wild Side” the group shows off their ability to get a honkytonk rocking. A comparison that jumps out is none other than Midland. They can do it all.

So keep any eye on The Dungarees. Check out their music and if they are coming to your town for a festival make sure you get there early to get a front row spot.