Artist Interview: Elizabeth Gerardi

By Aaron Wagner

Elizabeth Gerardi was raised on country music as her father would always play Johnny Cash in the car as they were driving places. Not long after, Carrie Underwood exploded on American Idol and Elizabeth was hooked.

“When I was about 10 years old, I watched Carrie on American Idol in awe of her amazing vocals and stage presence. I remember buying her first album and listening to it on repeat, and from there on, I started listening to other country artists and completely fell in love with the genre,” says Elizabeth.

She recently made the move from her hometown in Rhode Island to Nashville. In a town that is filled with talented singers, musicians, and songwriters it can be intimidating at first — especially to someone who just moved to town. Naturally, everyone is their own toughest critic and that’s the same for Elizabeth.

At first she felt like her songwriting wasn’t good enough. “I spent a lot of time writing with different people, as well as writing a lot on my own, which was very helpful. I learned from others, but I also learned from myself and I figured out what I wanted my sound to be as a songwriter.”

All of that discovery and hard work has paid off as she recently dropped her debut single “Putting Up With Me” which she wrote entirely by herself.

The song starts off catchy right off the bat as she pours out her feelings and appreciation for her fiancé who puts up with all her faults and quirks.

“It was inspired by my relationship with my fiancé Christian, and all the little things he does that I probably don’t thank him for as much as I should. The first line I came up with was “I know I’m not the easiest, I hope you know I appreciate it” after a day where I was maybe being a bit of a pain, but he loved me through it.”

Elizabeth continues, “From there, the rest of it came pretty easily. I worked on it for a few hours, two days in a row, and the lyrics came pretty easily. One reason that I love this song is because it’s 100% my story. These are all the things that I do. With a lot of songs, it’s great to have multiple people sharing their experiences to create lyrics, but I really wanted this song to be true to me.”

Justin Wantz (Taylor Acorn, Canaan Cox, Ryan Robinette, Nick Aligood) was the producer on the track for Elizabeth. They went into it with just a simple vocal and guitar recording of the song but Justin got a “doo-wop” vibe — think Meghan Trainor gone country.

“I love how Elizabeth put a modern spin on a classic style. She’s bubbly and full of energy—she’s so great to work with. She delivered a killer performance.”

Justin adds, “I think she’s going to be one to watch out for.”

Elizabeth is continuing to write more songs and is excited to share even more new music in the future. If you’re in the Nashville area you can catch her at various writers rounds in town. Check her out on her socials, especially Instagram, to stay on top of when she’s performing somewhere next.