Chad Brownlee is literally “Back in the Game” with his latest album and it was worth the wait

By Emily Wagner

I think these Canadians are on to something.

Chad Brownlee is already a bonafide country star in his own country, but with his latest album Back in the Game Brownlee looks to turn his talents to the south. The seven song album has something for everyone and really shows Chad’s range, both in style but also in vocal ability—the man can sing.

Easily a few fan favorites will be “Dear Drunk Me” a song that hits home to those of us who could warn our drunk selves of our decisions. “The Way You Roll” is a fun summer song, with themes of Chris Lane, a true song you sing on the beach, on the boat, or while driving down a country road.

As well as Chad does fun, he can dig deep and bring the heartbreak, especially with “This Old Guitar.” This song is focused on Brownlee’s rich voice and fittingly a single guitar. It is quite the contrast from the more rock, hate infused “Bourbon” which gives me serious Daughtry vibes (a compete complement in my book). The song is of course an ode to the dark liquor helping him through a tough break up.

Perhaps you are looking for a more uplifting break up song. The title track of the album provides just that. “Back in the Game” seems pretty self explanatory and while it might be the weakest song on the album, I could still see it climbing the charts.

“My Revival” gives you a fun, finger snapping, anthem to raise your glass to. Brownlee creates a song about how music, not drinking, smoking or anything, is his sole life meaning—his revival. It doesn’t come off as cheesy or insincere, but as completely authentic.

The true hit from the album, the song that has been buzzing around in Nashville, is “Forever’s Gotta Start Somewhere” the album’s one and only love song. The concept around the song is so simple and sweet and if it were to be recorded by Luke or Thomas or any other Nashville giant it would easily reach number 1.

I can’t wait for more people to discover this song. And this album. And Chad Brownlee.

So spare yourself 22 minutes and 50 seconds (think of it as an episode of Friends) and dive into this album. There is no way you will be disappointed.