Baker Grissom Releases His Debut EP

By Aaron Wagner

Baker Grissom is an up and coming country act that was recently signed to Red Creative Group. The timing may have been strategic as Grissom dropped his debut EP Saturdays and Sunday this past weekend.

In the mold of a Hunter Hayes or Levi Hummon, Grissom has the chops to eventually become a household name in country music. This EP gives us a glimpse into the type of music we can expect him to make. 

He kicks off the album with a song about heartbreak and regret in “Right Bar Wrong Stool.” He’s able to hit the listener emotionally as we’ve all been in that situation where we’ve seen that former flame for the first time, whether it’s in a bar or showing up in your social media feed. “Do I Drink” is a song along similar lines. It has him pondering the question if he misses her because he’s been drinking or if she’s the reason he’s drinking. It’s a clever lyrical concept. 

“You Are Who You Listen To” is the type of song that a lot of people can relate to. It’s fair to say that the type of music one listens to ends up shaping part of who you are and country music has shaped the character of many people including Grissom himself. 

Grissom sticks to doing himself and not dwelling on the past in “Song For My Ex.” He wraps up the EP with “Sunday,” a song about that good feeling you get when “you know.” It’s a tip of the cap to the girl in the song as she means as much to him as what his faith & religion means to him on Sundays. 

In country music, crafting meaningful and impactful lyrics is arguably just as important as having a good singing voice. Grissom certainly has that ability to write songs that are relatable and can connect with a listener based on this 5-track project.